International PCO

Palazzo del Cinema

Venice, 21st - 23rd October  2021


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Pharmaceutical companies



What you will find

At Association Days you will meet the most qualified referents of congressional offer from Italy and neighbouring countries, thanks to a programme of pre-scheduled meetings tailored on the catacteristics of your organizing activity.


Moreover, thanks to networking activities facilitated by a capillary preventive activity of information and promotion, with the support of the online participants' interaction system,  you will be able to:

- Launch agreements with international PCOs with upcoming events in planning, interested in collaborating with international colleagues. 

- Launch agreements with PCO of the territory of choice, interested in collaborating with international congressional organizators.

How to join

By sending in the dedicated form, duly filled in.

Conditions of participation

- Participation by invitation only,  reserved to PCOs with upcoming events in planning.

- Participation includes hotel hospitality and all services referred to in the programme of the Session "Meet the Professionals".

- Upon confirmation, the Organizing Secretariat will arrange all necessary elements for the participation of accredited PCOs, as the scheduling of a meeting agenda tailored on the caracteristics of their organizing activity, the publication of a  data scheeet on the catalogue and on the online system for interaction among participants, in order to facilitate preliminary contacts with colleagues and suppliers.

- Upon confirmation, a credit card guaranteed deposit of € 500.00 is required, that will be cashed in only in case of non-attendance.


Thursday 21st October

Arrival of participants

Hotel check-in and Workshop registration

Scheduled visits to Venetian locations

20:00 Soirée " La Venexiana" -Professional Networking Dinner with European PCOs and Italian suppliers

Friday 22nd October

9:30 - 13:00 "Meet the Professionals":

Pre-scheduled appointments at Suppliers' desks

13:00  Working lunch

14:00 - 17:00 "Meet the Professionals":

Pre-scheduled appointments at Suppliers' desks

End of 1st session

End of the workshop



1) Site inspections to Venetian locations

Ore 20:00: "Lions' night" Official Party with colleagues, suppliers and friends in an exclusive Venetian patrician Palazzo 


2) Post workshop fam trips program

Saturday 23rd October

1) Site inspections to Venetian locations


2) Post workshop fam trip 





Register your interest

We’re looking for senior decision makers with authority over their company’s product portfolio.


If you represent  a PCO with international event organization activity, with top-level seniority and authority over your company’s product portfolio, interested in destinations in Italy and neighboring countries, You will be very welcome!

Please register below if you fit the description.